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Manjula Nanjappa

Calgary Public Library
Director, Information technology

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Given my extensive experience and diverse skill set in digital transformation, product development, analytics, business intelligence, cybersecurity, and technology solutions management, people may want to engage with you on various topics such as:

Digital Transformation: Given my 23 years of experience, Iam a valuable resource for discussions on digital transformation strategies, challenges, and best practices. My insights into successfully leading complex strategic initiatives can provide guidance to others in this field.

Technology Solutions: My expertise in technology solutions management makes me a go-to person for discussions related to selecting and implementing technology solutions that align with organizational goals.

Industry Insights: With your experience across various industries, including telecom, transportation, utility, oil and gas, health, and manufacturing, you can offer valuable insights into industry-specific challenges and trends.

Leadership: As a strategic leader, people may seek my advice on leadership strategies, team management, and achieving organizational goals.

Community Engagement: Your involvement in charitable and philanthropic activities, as well as your experience serving on provincial committees, indicates a commitment to community engagement. People interested in community initiatives may want to discuss ideas or collaborate with me.

Education and Career Path: As an engineering graduate from MIT, India, and my current role as Director, Technology at Calgary Public Library, my educational and career journey may inspire students and professionals looking to pursue a similar path.

Overall, my broad experience and leadership roles position you as a valuable resource for discussions related to technology, leadership, community engagement, and career development. Colleagues, peers, and professionals from various backgrounds may benefit from my insights and expertise.
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